5 Easy Ways to Travel Around the World on a Budget

Many people dread the idea of traveling because of the misconception that it is expensive. While it is indeed true that you will need money to travel, you do not always have to splurge. Learn from our recommendations below on some of the best things that you can do during your holiday to have a memorable time without the need to spend a fortune.

Buy City Passes

One of the perfect examples of this is the London Pass, which will allow you to enjoy free entry and discounted access to some of the city’s top attractions, even shopping and dining establishments. Aside from financial savings, many city passes will also allow you to have priority access, minimizing the need to wait in line.

Visit Off Season

Having a vacation during peak season is not a good idea if you hate crowds and if you are a budget traveler. During Christmas and New Year, for instance, hotel prices are at their peak, with some even requiring you to attend gala dinners. Prices will almost be double. Many attractions will be fully-packed. Airfare will also be higher. With this, if you want to save a lot of money, it would be best to choose lean or shoulder seasons. More than being able to save, it will give you a good time as you explore your destination sans the chaotic crowd.


Rent a Campervan

If you want to save on accommodations and flights, a good idea is to rent a campervan. Australia and New Zealand are some of the best places where you can do this. The coastal towns of the United Kingdom will also be worth exploring in a campervan. You do not have to book expensive plane tickets to go from one destination to the other. You get to enjoy your holiday based on the pace that you want. You also do not have to book expensive hotels.

Stay in a Hostel

You will be able to save a lot if you ditch expensive hotels in favor of budget-friendly hostels. Sleeping in a bunk bed in a dorm with other travelers is a good idea for young wanderers. This allows you to not only save but to also make friends with people from all over the world. You can learn a lot about the culture of other countries and share stories with strangers turned into friends. You can also use the kitchen to cook meals to save money. Many hotels even have the facilities that you can expect from a conventional hotel, such as swimming pools.

Explore Your Destination by Foot

Transportation will be a big chunk of your expenses when traveling. Cab rides can be expensive, aside from the fact that you have the potential to be ripped-off in a foreign country. With this, it will be a good idea to do walking tours in your chosen destination. Cities like London, New York, and Hong Kong, for instance, are pedestrian-friendly. The good thing about walking is that you can discover hidden gems, such as those situated in small alleys that are normally not seen by tourists. Plus, it is good for your health!

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