Meet Jeremy

I don't believe in living life on someone else's terms. I believe in making the most out of every opportunity and living life on your own terms.

But opportunities don't just present themselves—they have to be created. I want to help you find the strength and motivation to cultivate the things you want in life. It's about passion, persistence, and dedication. It's about believing in the impossible, and seeking adventure in every day.

Jeremy Scott Foster on Wangfujing Street in Beijing

On the streets of Beijing, China.

Travel is a platform for personal growth. On this blog, I showcase unique stories of transformation, adventure, and motivation. Hopefully, it will get you out of the house and trying something you probably never thought you would.

You don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to travel; anybody can do it. I want to prove that travel is a possibility for you. All you need are a few pennies and the guts to book that first ticket. With the right attitude, the rest will fall into place.

A Little About Me…

I’ve been traveling almost full-time since 2010. I seek adventure in every circumstance as I unearth the greatest and most rewarding cultural experiences I can. I love bagel sandwiches and dumplings and I can speak Mandarin Chinese like a four-year-old.

That fateful year, just one year out of college, I gave up the ordinary life in search of something slightly more unusual. I quit my job, booked a flight to the other side of the world, and never looked back.

You don't have to do it the same way I did, but if you want to travel, there is always a way. I made a judgment call, and years later I can safely say it was the best decision of my life.

Jeremy Foster Hiking Franz Josef Glacier

Hiking the Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand

Less than a year after graduating college, I found myself working in the IT industry in the middle of a recession. And I was fed up.

In response, I bought a one-way ticket to Australia with nothing more than a backpack and a measly excuse for a savings. My six-month journey to Australia took much longer than that, and now, years later, I’m still traveling, still thriving, and still exploring other countries.

These days I work as an online influencer, freelance writer, travel photographer, bartender, and all-around adventurer.

Maybe quitting your job to travel is a tall order. Then again, maybe it's not. But either way, if you intend to do more with your life, I'm willing to wager that it's easier done than you realize. It takes a few skills and a lot of determination, but it's definitely possible. Over the past six years, I've created a lifestyle for myself which suits my strengths while giving me the creativity and freedom to do and roam as I please.

My intention is to help you to do the very same.