The Ultimate Beach Vacation Packing List: 8 Items You Don’t Want to Forget

What to Pack for an Island Getaway

When deciding what to pack for vacation, it’s really important to tailor it to your destination. If you’re heading to a luxury ski resort or a European city in wintertime, you’ll need warm clothes and scarves. Scuba diving groups require specific gear as do photography trips.

But when you need a beach vacation packing list, everything changes! As you frolic in the sand, these eight items will help ensure you have a great trip—no matter which island you venture to.

1. Flip-Flops That Won't Fall Apart

No one wants to wear sneakers on the beach. The first item on this beach vacation packing list is a pair of flip-flops that look great and won't fall apart! The sand gets hot and you need to protect your feet. No matter where you step on the island, you’ll be comfortable and casual.

While there are endless types of sandals to choose from, waterproof options like Havaianas are great for the beach. On the other hand, leather flip-flops from Rainbow Sandals are one way to dress up a sundress or linen shorts.

2. A Good Pair of Sunglasses

When determining what to pack for a beach vacation, a pair of sunglasses are an absolute must for any kind of tropical adventure. With sunny weather from morning to sunset, it's important to protect your eyes while also keeping your view unobstructed.

Vision Direct offers endless options for sunglasses, from Ray Ban's New Wayfarer to the Oakley Bottle Rocks. They've got 10 years of expertise selling sunglasses, and even have a virtual try-on feature, so you can see how they'll look on your face without ever stepping foot in a store. As an added bonus, they ship all over the world!

3. A Bathing Suit That Actually Looks Good on You!

Venturing into the water simply has to be a part of a tropical vacation. Whether it’s the resort swimming pool or the warm ocean water, making sure your beach vacation packing list includes a cute bikini or a stylish pair of swim trunks.

4. A Towel With a Design That's Got Your Personality All Over It

While you may not necessarily need one (many resorts have beach or pool towels available on site), you should include a towel on your packing list for a beach vacation. If others are flocking to recreation areas at the same time, there may be limited towels available. Take your own instead to ensure you have a way to dry off or to recline on the sand…in style!

5. An Underwater Camera for Scuba or Snorkeling

There are so many exciting things to do on a beach vacation. Whether you’re kayaking or paddle boarding, a waterproof camera can capture both the scenery and some action shots of your adventure. But an even better reason to include it on your packing list? For snorkeling trips that provide views of marine life and the underwater world!

6. Insect Repellent to Keep Exotic Insects Away!

If you’re heading somewhere tropical, make sure your packing list has insect repellent on it. You don’t want to suffer through the annoyance and irritation of dealing with bugs—and everything from flies to mosquitoes are found on beaches and islands. There's no worse way to ruin a vacation than mosquitos!

7. Sunscreen—At Least SPF 30!

An obvious item that should be on your beach vacation packing list is sunscreen…yet it's often forgotten! If you’re planning on spending a good deal of time outside, you’ll want to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays.And I take it back—a sunburn is one worse way to ruin a beach vacation 😉

And I take it back—a sunburn is one worse way to ruin a beach vacation 😉

8. A Mask and Snorkel…You Are Going Snorkeling, Right?

Though definitely not a requirement on a beach vacation, a mask and snorkel may be an important addition to your packing list. Include them in what to pack if you plan to explore any secluded beaches or go kayaking.

While you can schedule organized snorkeling trips, it’s sometimes nice to just dive in the water with no one else around and check out what you see below—which is definitely easier if you have some gear with you!

Did we miss anything? What's at the top of your beach vacation packing list?

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