Canberra’s Best New Attractions You Seriously Need to Visit Next

If you haven’t visited Australia’s capital for a while now, then you’re seriously missing out on a LOT of things (and you’d better get planning for your next trip).

Yep, Canberra has a style and class all of its own, and it knows it’s got a bunch of things (some crazy) that you can’t do or see anywhere else in Australia. Many budget airlines have made Canberra travel relatively affordable all year-round, just be sure to book a car hire Canberra in advance if you’ll need or want to travel using a rental car.

Here're some unique experiences that you should do while you’re here.

Spend a day next to wild predators

Think bears, lions, and cheetahs. Drive over to Canberra Zoos’ Jamala Wildlife Lodge, which opened last year offers an intense experience for those who don’t mind intense experiences. For instance, if you feel inclined, you may opt to spend your night in their Jungle Bungalow situated inside bear, lion or cheetah enclosures. Don’t worry, you’re still protected by glass, wood, and stuff – it’s completely safe! You’ll be sitting on the couch or taking a bath no less than four feet away from these predators. *Shiver*.

Become fascinated by science

You might have played skateboards, slides, Nerf guns, and slingshots, but you’ve never truly enjoyed being a kid unless experience first-hand how science is fun and exhilarating. Questacon, aka The National Science and Technology Center in Canberra, is actually a really big science museum that puts emphasis on interactivity for the entire family. You could spend a whole day here and you’ll barely scratch the surface.

Drink your poison right after a haircut

Say what? Canberra’s famous QT Hotel is home to a barbershop and found within that same barbershop is a hidden bar. Lucky’s Speakeasy, as it is officially known, is the secluded hideaway that you can go for a retreat after a day of sightseeing.

Climb the highest mountain in the Down Under

After sleeping with wild animals, experiencing science, and getting drunk after a haircut, your next challenge is to sober up and get some serious exercise – and you can do that by scaling Australia’s highest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko. Of course, you can always go halfway and still get your fix of scenery. Found just around a two-and-a-half hour from Canberra, this 14.3-kilometer loop will let you rise through intensely picturesque alpine scenery to giddy new heights. If this was easy for you, just do it again.

Hotel Hotel

Twice the name means twice the luxury, and rightly so. Canberra’s trendy New Acton neighborhood offers travelers a grand stay. This amazing boutique boasts a bohemian edge with almost everything in tow, from the artisan tiles on its lobby wall to the authentic glasses in the bar, sourced from more than 50 designers and artists.

Getting Around

To make the most out of your stay, and especially if you’ll be staying for a couple of days only, you definitely need to find a car rental. You’ll find car hire in Canberra by DriveNow is a more affordable and easier choice when compared to other car hires in the city.

Want a challenge? Complete the list above in just 3 days! Have fun!

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