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How to Prepare for a Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip

How to Prepare for a Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip

California's Pacific Coast Highway is one of America's greatest and most iconic road trips. These eight tips will help prepare you for what lay ahead!

Hanging out of a helicopter over Santa Barbara's Channel Islands

A Doors-Off Helicopter Ride Over Santa Barbara’s Channel Islands

“Are you taking the ferry or a helicopter?” I glared at Conor with a disdained smirk. “What do you think?” I prodded back slyly. The answer should have been so […]

11 Mouthwatering Restaurants in Asheville, NC: Where to Eat for Every Occasion

This bohemian town in North Carolina has become a popular travel destination for a number of different reasons. For starters, it is surrounded by mountains and sloping green peaks, which […]

Where to Stay in New York City: The 12 Best Hotels and Hostels for Every Budget

Where to Stay in New York City: The 12 Best Hotels and Hostels for Every Budget

Being a tourist in New York is easy. Check out the Empire State Building, blow all your money on Fifth Avenue, go to a deli and get a bagel. Done. […]

Historic Route 101

5 Fundamental Rules of a Successful California Road Trip

Road trips rule. Keep these five things in mind before taking off on your next one. And whatever you do, don't drop your camera in the ocean.

A Driving Tour of 8 Washington, D.C. Monuments (and What They All Mean)

A Driving Tour of 8 Lesser-Known D.C. Monuments (and What They All Mean)

Have you ever taken photos of impressive statues, only to later realize you don’t know who they’re of—or why they’re there? This is my relationship with far too many monuments […]

More From North America

The mountainous savanna of Viñales

Can I Travel to Cuba? Here's What You Need to Know If You're American

How to get past Cuba’s red tape as an American.

Planes landing on Maho Beach is an adventure in itself!

A Beginner’s Guide to Adventure Travel in the Eastern Caribbean

Adventure activities in Grand Turk, San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, and St. Maarten!

What Happens When a World Traveler Goes Cruising?

HINT: I nearly missed my boat and couldn’t even find my room.

A pirate ship at St. Maarten

The Ultimate ‘Pick-Your-Own Adventure' Vacation: 4 Ways to Do an Eastern Caribbean Cruise

Remember those “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” books we read as a kid?

El Capitan!

Everything I Did Wrong on My First Cruise (and Even a Couple Things I Did Right)

Getting practical cruise advice is tough—it’s hard to know what to expect from a cruise unless you’ve already been on one. These first time cruise tips are everything you need […]

Palm Trees in Puerto Rico

Why This Adventure-Seeker Is Going on a Cruise

“Real travelers” don’t go on cruises. Or do they?


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