How to Ensure Efficiency and Productivity as a Digital Nomad in Australia

“Travel” has a different meaning for people with the option of working online. Being a digital nomad means you have the flexibility to travel wherever and whenever. However, it also means you have to be prepared to deal with obstacles that may get in the way of your efficiency. You might have to wrestle with anything from trying to obtain a stable internet connection to finding a place that has the comforts and capabilities of a home office.

Luckily, Australia is one country where it’s fairly easy to work as a digital nomad. You just need to know some tricks before you arrive!

1. Plan Out Your Internet

The quality of your internet connection will vary greatly depending on your location, but regardless, you should still be able to function as a digital nomad. This is especially true if you’ll be staying in the bigger cities like Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth.

That being said, unless you plan on working from your accommodation, it can be difficult to find WiFi in places that you would normally expect, like cafes and restaurants.

If you plan on working outside of your accommodation, just ask the locals where you can find the best WiFi in town.

2. Don’t Rely On Hotspots, Either

When the internet isn’t reliable, digital nomads tend to seek out alternatives through phones and hotspots. Unfortunately, tethering isn’t really a “thing” in Australia like it is in the States.

Phone service in Australia is spread out across the continent, and it’s therefore rather expensive and sometimes difficult to access. You won’t likely find a plan that’s going to work everywhere.

But if you insist on setting up a hotspot, make sure you get a plan that has a reliable tethering option. You don’t want to find out that the hotspot isn’t available after you’ve already invested money for the duration of your stay.

3. Be Picky About Your Accommodation

Finding hotels in Australia’s larger cities isn’t too difficult, but these options may be very expensive and hard to settle into as a digital nomad (trust me, I’ve tried!). Instead, look at short-term or long-term rentals.

If you’re in the capital, renting a serviced apartment in Sydney will help you establish a nice working atmosphere while you’re visiting Australia. This way, you can be sure you have a comfortable place to work AND sleep.

4. Set Time Aside for Both Work and Play

Australia is one of the most beautiful places to visit and it caters to all types of travelers. If you’re coming to visit Australia as a digital nomad, then you’ve probably had your eye on this country for a while. Therefore, it’s important you separate your time for work and play.

You never know when a new Aussie friend might ask you to go grab some drinks, brekkie, or go for an arvo hike. Leave your schedule open and flexible so you can do what you need to do, but that way you won’t miss out on all the fun!

More and more travelers are looking to the internet to support their lifestyle. If you hope to spend part of your digital nomad career in the Land Down Under, consider these tips before you go.

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