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21 Spots in Brussels That Will Make Your Mouth Water

21 Spots in Brussels That Will Make Your Mouth Water

After spending three months in Brussels, Belgium, I’m pretty sure I’ve found all the best spots to eat and drink. If you’re looking for waffles, chocolate, frites or beer in Brussels, this is the list you need. When I first arrived in Brussels a couple months ago, I had only a few things on my mind: waffles, […]

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The 7 Best Waterfalls in Iceland

The 7 Best Waterfalls in Iceland

There’s a lot to see in Iceland, from the glaciers and hot springs to jaw-dropping canyons and beautiful waterfalls. Iceland is a magical place, and treasures like these will add to your amazing experience in this breathtaking Nordic country. If you’re visiting Iceland, don’t miss these seven waterfalls! The Best Waterfalls in Iceland Seljalandsfoss Perhaps what makes Seljalandsfoss so […]

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The Balkans Might Be the Strangest, Most Beautiful Place I’ve Ever Traveled

Travel in the Balkans

It was a long summer of travel, fraught with a multitude of highs and lows, new cultures, immense growth, and even ill-fated love. Four months went by—and slowly, it seems. It wasn’t one of those summers that disappears in an instant. No, these four months took their time. Not that I’m complaining, of course. Travel always bestows its […]

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20 Killer Photos of Greece

20 Killer Photos of Greece

Greece is world-famous for countless reasons: the food (ahem: CHEESE!), islands, beaches, architecture, and ruins. The history of Greece is just one example of the resilience of both the people and the country itself, and despite recent negative media attention, I believe Greece will continue to thrive as it has done for thousands of years. After one […]

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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Things to Do in Edinburgh, Scotland: The Ultimate Travel Guide

There are so many reasons to visit Edinburgh: the stately historic architecture, the narrow cobblestone alleyways, the cozy pubs serving cold beer and warm hearty grub. The abundance of trendy coffee shops and designer boutiques, the funky art galleries and so much more! If you are in any way interested in art, literature, theater or culture, […]

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A Thrillseeker’s Adventure Guide to London

A Thrillseeker's Adventure Guide to London

You probably wouldn’t associate London with adventure. After all, it’s a majestic, historic city. Obviously, you haven’t been watching the James Bond films, in which we saw the secret agent powerboating on the River Thames before fighting James on top of the O2 Arena. If you look harder and deeper in London, you will see […]

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How to Eat Like a Local in Croatia

How to Eat Like a Local in Croatia

So you’ve never eaten like a local in Croatia? Let me tell you, friend. You’re in for a treat. No matter where you are in Croatia, your taste buds are treated kindly. Croatia has a diverse range of food, including simply cooked meals in Dalmatia, hot salamis doused with paprika in Slavonia and seriously gourmet […]

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