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The New Way to Shop for Travel Clothes…Without Actually Shopping for Them

The New Way to Shop for Travel Clothes...Without Actually Shopping for Them

Do you remember the days when you had to actually put on pants and leave the comfort of your own couch to shop for, well, pants? No? Me either. But how about the days when you had to actually ransack the deep, dark depths of the internet for your travel apparel and cross your fingers […]

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What to Wear Hiking: How to Layer Your Hiking Clothes for Every Climate

Hiking Clothes: What to Wear Hiking (and How to Layer for Every Season)

Don’t underestimate what to wear hiking! Learn what hiking clothes to wear and how to layer effectively—no matter the season.

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The Best Equipment for Travel Photography

The Best Travel Photography Equipment You Should Buy

Travel photography equipment goes beyond traditional camera gear. These near compact, durable pieces of gear will help you shoot your adventures—and the rest will help you edit them in post.

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10 Things You’ll Thank Yourself for Packing for Your Summer Adventure

10 Things You’ll Thank Yourself for Packing for Your Summer Adventure

Pack well, and you’ll always be prepared. Pack wisely, however, and adventures will open up in front of you. Don’t forget these ten travel essentials on your vacation packing list this summer.

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The 61 Best Travel Gifts for People Who Travel

The 61 Best Gifts for Men and Women Who Travel

Finding the best gifts for travelers is no easy task! I always struggle to find presents for my friends and other people who travel, and as an avid traveler myself, my family and friends can never figure out what to get for me. Previously, I had two separate articles, one focused on travel gifts for […]

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The Best Carry-On Luggage for Every Kind of Adventure

Carry-on bags for any kinda of adventurer.

The art of traveling carry-on only isn’t for everyone but for those who prefer to pack light, these carry-on bags will get you where you’re going—whether it’s hiking through the mountains or flying for business.

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My Place Got Burgled and I Caught It All on Camera

My Place Got Burgled and I Caught It All on Camera

The security feed’s time stamp says 5:36am. The street is quiet. A shadow falls across the front gate of my apartment building—and I lean forward towards the screen, my eyes bugging. What the actual…? The dude is wearing a hoodie. He leans over the fence, peering into the garden, sizing it up. Checking for obvious […]

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How to Secure Your Mobile Devices When You Travel

The Essential Guide to Cybersecurity: How to Keep Your Data (and Your Identity) Safe While Traveling

When you travel, there’s no doubt that you’ll end up using random WiFi connections in cafes and hotels around the world. Unfortunately, they’re often not as secure as you think. These tools and tricks will help ensure your sensitive data stays safe.

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