6 Ways to Liven up Your Travel Experience at the Airport

5 Ways to Pass the Time While Traveling

Though some people love the experience of flying, others just like the part when they've finally arrived at their destination. Traveling can be exhausting and, if you're flying economy like most people, not-so-glamorous. If you travel a lot, you might start to find the experience a bit redundant. Everything from overpriced meals and limited legroom to long security lines and sleeping on airport floors can make the whole travel thing a bit of a bore.

If you're looking to liven up your travel experience, try some of these!

1. Look for Sleeping Pods

It may have taken a while, but airports are starting to catch on that people don’t like sleeping on floors so much. That’s why more and more airports are installing sleeping pods so you can rest easy before your next flight. If you want to find out where the pods are in your airport, just do a Google search before you go.

2. Splurge on a More Comfortable Flying Class

There’s nothing that feels good about being stuck inside a pressurized box for hours on end. Unless you're in first class or business class, of course!  Many airlines are even taking it further than that. Etihad Airlines, for example, has a flying class known as The Residence, which is “The world’s most luxurious living space in the air.” Yeah, it's a tad expensive, but so is a hotel in Abu Dhabi, right? That's one way to liven up your travel experience!

3. Offer to Get Bumped in Exchange for a Free Upgrade

If you don’t have the money to upgrade your flying class, then why not just ask? When you check in at the airport, ask the staff if you can be a “volunteer.” Being a volunteer means you're offering to be flexible with your flight ticket and don't mind being bumped to the next flight. Typically, it'll be in exchange for something really good, like an upgrade to business class or a free flight voucher. Other times, it might be a meal voucher, which is cool, too!

 4. “Slip” Through Security

If the one thing you can't stand about flying is waiting in the security line, then know there are a few ways to get through quicker. Sign up for TSA Precheck and Global Entry if you're flying international—you'll skip the lines and won't have to wait. Now, instead of standing in line, you can enjoy your beer in the bar near your gate.  You'll never have to run through the airport again!

5. Sign Up for Credit Cards and Visit the Lounge

Mileage credit cards not only help you rack up points on almost any airline, but they also give you special perks like airport transfer service worldwide. If you want to liven up your travel experience, sign up for one of the popular travel credit cards, and see what's offered. Typically, you'll get access to the VIP Lounge at the airport. These lounges will make your trip that much more exciting.

6. See What's Going On In and Around the Airport

Airports are becoming more like shopping malls and plazas. If you have a long layover or you just want to get to the airport early, see what that airport has to offer. Some have everything from giant duty-free shops and museums to cultural exhibits and cafes and workspaces. If you're able to, leave the airport and see what sights you can visit before your next flight.

Traveling doesn't need to be the same routine each time. Liven up your travel experience by trying one of these!

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