How to Travel on the Cheap and Make Your Dollar Go Further

How to Travel on the Cheap and Make Your Dollar Go Further

Everyone out there wants to know how they can travel cheaply, so it seemed like time to address this. Mostly, stretching your dollar is all about putting in the effort to do your research and being flexible and take what comes. Of course, part of how I can afford to travel is the revenue that I take in from my blog and odd jobs that I pick up while traveling, both of which are things that you can easily do too.

Although blogging requires you to invest quite a bit of time and work into it, the startup costs are extremely minimal, especially when companies out there make offers like these $1 web hosting packages. With opportunities like that, anyone can afford to start a travel blog! Now about keeping those travels cheap so that you can go on blogging about them; that’s where these next tips come in.

Keep it to Cash

Withdraw cash before you leave. One of the best ways to make your dollar go further is to avoid currency conversion fees when you are taking it out to begin with. Using debit cards to take cash out while already abroad can lead to hefty transaction fees later, and using your credit card abroad also accumulates international fees. So take out what you need ahead of time and avoid using cards and visiting ATMs.

Cheap Transportation

In most cases, your biggest travel expense is airfare, so finding good deals on airfare is the best place to start when you are trying to cut travel costs. If you are flexible with dates and are essentially ready to go at a moment’s notice, you can score some amazing flash sales prices on transportation. One of the most unbelievable examples of this is Ryanair, which has had flash sales where passengers could purchase a flight for as low as £1! It’s likely that any of the good deals will be gone as quickly as you can blink, so you have to be diligently looking and stay informed of what’s going on with the airline to catch these flash sales when they begin.

How to Travel on the Cheap

You can also score $1 seats on Megabus, or at least land a ticket for under $10, which is also quite amazing. So, if your destination is predetermined, try the bus route. Just keep in mind that a lot of the great deals on bus tickets still require you to be flexible with your travel dates, and you will often have to spend long hours traveling on the bus. But sometimes driving through a country in long stretches is a great way to experience that country and see things that you would otherwise not see.

Cheap Destinations

The other options, besides choosing cheap transportation, is choosing locations that you can stay in and travel for cheap. There are many destinations that you can travel for as little as $25 a day – most of which are in Asia – you just need to put a little effort into finding the cheapest places to eat and sleep while you’re there.

Cheap Accommodations

Which brings us to accommodations. Hotels are another expensive part of travel and not necessary since there are so many more affordable options, like hostels or renting rooms/ or Couchsurfing from locals – which often also includes a continental breakfast… not too shabby. If you’re in a university town in off-season, take a look into if they rent out their dorm rooms, that is often

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