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Though countries of the Middle East are highly contentious, that’s precisely why they’re worth visiting. The people of places like Israel, Jordan and Egypt are a living paradox, enjoying life as laid back as ever, despite bits of war on all sides.


From the party scene in Tel Aviv, to the ancient ruins of Petra and the bustling markets of Cairo, visiting the Middle East is a whole different world. Haggle at markets, eat as much hummus and shwarma as you want, and connect with a higher spirit by visiting the most important holy sites in the entire world.

Breaking the Rules in Petra, Jordan: Free Climbing to the Top of the Monastery

Breaking the Rules in Petra, Jordan: Free Climbing to the Top of the Monastery

“Get down!” the local Bedouin man shouted. “Not allowed!” An awkward-looking twenty-something with blonde dreadlocks and a peach-fuzz beard peeked his head over the edge of the cliff and then quickly withdrew himself. “No no! You come down! Police are here!” I looked next to me—the skinny policeman was sprawled out across the entire couch, […]

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Looking Past the Conflict in Israel: Activity Highlights, Hummus, and My Heritage

Hummus & My Heritage: Looking Past the Conflict in Israel

I didn’t at all know what to expect when I boarded that flight to Israel. My friends had been sending me articles about El Al, Israel’s flagship airline, and their onboard missile defense systems. Apparently, they have the most sophisticated security system of any airline in existence. I had been warned about the airport interrogations […]

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