5 Lesser Known Restaurants in Montreal, Canada

Ask anyone in Montreal, they’ll tell you life is pretty good when it comes to the restaurant scene. Once Summer hits in la belle province, troves of people head out to the cities hotspots to horde the terraces of their favorite dives. While the city is filled with well-known, high-end restaurants, sometimes its the off the beaten trail spots that make a cities cuisine scene shine. In order to get a read on some of these hidden gems I spoke with the online travel company JustFly. They provided me with a list of five neat spots they have discovered over the years that definitely qualify as local favorites.

1. Cosmos Snack Bar

The ultimate Montreal breakfast dive, Cosmos’ menu is the definition of hangover food. While it features classics like bacon and eggs, there are also morning burgers and mishmashes to bring you back to life. The staff themselves are energetic and don’t have a filter when it comes to calling you out, and the small, diner bar that seats maybe a dozen people makes eating at Cosmos a very personal and loud experience. Oh, and did we mention the food is insanely cheap?


2. Tacos Tijuana

On the subject of cheap, holy cow. Tacos Tijuana has tacos that taste and look like they are straight out of Mexico according to JustFly’s review. Featuring a menu that is subject to supply, you can generally bank on steak, veggie, and sausage tacos. Otherwise, they do offer burritos, but there is a reason the place is called Tacos Tijuana. Note from JustFly, you may think you’re a hero, but you won’t be able to handle more than two tacos. Good news on that front, final cost, $8.


3. Depanneur Le Pick Up

One part corner store, another part diner, Depanneur Le Pick Up has a similar vibe to Cosmos, but a bit more of a vibrant, but still greasy, menu. Featuring dishes like breakfast tacos, breakfast burritos, and other oddities, you can still grab your basics and expect a great breakfast. When you are done you can check out the store’s collection of local literature, craft beers, and other handy supplies.


4. Campanelli

An institution in the newly rejuvenated Saint Henri neighbourhood, Campanelli is home to the cities best meatball sub. An endeavour to eat, Campanelli is proud of their creation, offering shirts and sweaters emblazoned with bragging rights. In addition, their coffee, and especially their cold coffee, is the best in the neighbourhood.


Photo credit: insatiablemunch

5. Dinette Triple Crown

Last but not least, Dinette Triple Crown is the gem of Little Italy, despite the fact their food is 100% Southern fried. Their menu features mac and cheese, fried chicken, and other Southern fare, but the highlight is their Southern cocktails, particularly the Kentucky Mule. Lastly, their location, directly across from a large park, means a Southern picnic is in the cards.


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