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He Saved $34,000 in 10 Months by Working Abroad—Now He Travels the World as a Videographer

I first met Garrett Galvan almost three years ago, before he had started any part of this journey. He was brand new to the blogging/vlogging world and was looking for a bit of advice—so he sent me an email. For whatever reason, I felt compelled to spend a bit more time talking with him. I respond […]

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Want to Travel? It’s About Taking Control of Your Life

Want to Travel? It's About Taking Control of Your Life

Two weeks ago, The Huffington Post shared an article by Elite Daily on their Facebook page. The article, entitled “You Should Never Marry A Girl Until You’ve Traveled With Her,” lists some of the hurdles couples face when they travel. Frankly, they’re the types of challenging hurdles a couple should have to face before they get married. The author, Paul Hudson, […]

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Despite Feeling Guilty for Traveling, Sometimes You Just Have to Move On

Despite Feeling Guilty for Traveling, Sometimes You Just Have to Move On

I’ve visited ten countries in the past four years. It’s not an astronomical number, but that’s because I travel slowly. In fact, I’m inclined to just call it sporadic migration. I spent two-and-a-half years between Australia and New Zealand, followed by a year in Asia, which somehow blended into six months in America. It’s strange to be […]

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Interviewing Rita Golden Gelman, Female Nomad

Rita Golden Gelman, Female Nomad, has been traveling for 24 years. She is the author of Tales of a Female Nomad, Living at Large in the World and Female Nomad and Friends, Breaking Free and Breaking Bread Around the World as well as 70 other children’s books. She is currently spearheading the Let’s Get Global operation, a program […]

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