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Your Mindset Will Get You to Travel the World, Not Your Money or These Other Excuses

Those Who Travel the World Don’t Have More Money—They Have a Different Mindset

You have the choice to manifest your own reality. If traveling the world sounds enticing but implausible, perhaps all you have to do is change your mindset.

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My 6 Most Inspiring Moments From the Road

My 6 Most Inspiring Moments from the Road

Time passes in such a blur that it’s hard to memorialize every moment that has changed our lives in some way. But there are a few…a select number of special memories that stand out, that we hold onto with endearment, clarity and vividness. Every traveler has these moments.

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30 Things to Do in 30 Countries Before You’re 30

30 Things to Do Before You're 30

I let my 30th birthday slip by pretty quietly. It’s been one hell of a journey thus far, and turning 30 seemed like the last thing I needed to be celebrating. After all, milestones aren’t measured in years—they’re measured by the journey. Coincidentally, my 30th year (which just passed on the 30th of last month!) took place […]

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The Importance of Slowing Down Your Life

The Importance of Slowing Down Your Life

I awoke in a hammock to the drawn out lashings of the ocean against the craggy coastline of the Caribbean sea. The sky was a peculiar shade of navy, but a muffled glow of mandarin pushed through at the horizon. I fumbled with my makeshift cocoon and peeked at my watch from beneath squinted eyes—5:45am. […]

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Turning Down My Dream Job to Travel the World

Turning Down My Dream Job to Travel the World

I blinked myself out of a hazy snooze and squinted at my vibrating phone. It was the call I had been waiting for, but secretly dreading. I had applied for the job of my dreams, but contrary to everything I had been working toward, I found myself praying that I wouldn’t get it. Counterintuitively, the job […]

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Want to Travel? It’s About Taking Control of Your Life

Want to Travel? It's About Taking Control of Your Life

Two weeks ago, The Huffington Post shared an article by Elite Daily on their Facebook page. The article, entitled You Should Never Marry A Girl Until You’ve Traveled With Her, lists some of the hurdles couples face when they travel. Frankly, they’re the types of challenging hurdles a couple should have to face before they get married. The author, Paul Hudson, […]

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