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Venque Craft Co. CamPro Camera Backpack


* QUALITY CRAFT. Fine details and design elements are what sets Venque apart. Each bag is created to serve you in an optimal way. This can only be achieved through careful design thinking, iteration, rigorous testing, and of course, the best materials available.
* QUANTA FABRIC. Venque pioneered the innovative new Quanta fabric to exceed expectations. Its high-density weave is water and dust repellent, scratch resistant, and is 3x stronger and lasts 5x longer than industry-standard fabrics.
* LEATHER. Only Genuine, hand-selected leathers are used to secure corners, cover,s handles, and zippers. Leather is timeless and durable, ensuring your bag will stand the test of time and never outgrow incoming and outgoing trends.
* GET THE SHOT EVERY TIME. The CamPro hold everything you need to take amazing pictures, whether you’re a pro or just getting started. The camera compartment is configurable to suit your setup and gear. Tough and weather-resistant fabric means you can bring your bag anywhere and be ready for anything. CamPro also fits things you may need for the journey, like clothes, accessories, and props. You’ll be surprised at what fits.
* DESIGNED FOR LIFE. This bag is for adventurers, students, professionals, and anyone who enjoys the finer things in life. The Flatsquare sets you apart from the herd, while keeping you set for anything life throws your way. It measures 15.7″ L x 11.8″ W x 21.6″ H

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Venque Craft Co. CamPro Camera Backpack

CamPro is Urban-inspired camera backpack, perfectly designed for your camera, made for those who demand more in style; convertible and functional, ultimate protection for your gears, it features three ways of carrying;

Fully Equipped Half Equipped Full Daily Backpack

15.7″L X 11.8″W X 21.6″H


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