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This Is Ground Genuine Leather Cord Taco


* BEAUTIFUL REAL LEATHER: Our Cord Tacos are made with 100% genuine leather sourced from Italy.
* ORGANIZE IN STYLE: Fashion and function are one in the same. Keep your cords, cables, earbuds and chargers securely organized and looking good.
* MULTIPURPOSE COMPANION: Use it for work, travel, school and home.
* TRAVEL SAVVY: Throw it in your bag and go! No more tangled or broken cords due to improper storage. The small, portable size makes these little tacos perfect for keeping together your electronic accessories and supplies while you travel!


This Is Ground Genuine Leather Cord Taco

We’ve all been there – digging in a bag or suitcase to find earbuds, only to pull out a mess of cords that you now have to impatiently untangle.

Keeping the cords to all of your electronics organized and in one place seems like a wish that defies physics.

That’s where the cord taco comes in – the simple yet innovative product that tidies up your electronic accessories.

This particularly helps the avid traveler who needs something to keep their cords organized.