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Pacsafe Anti-Theft AT29 Suitcase


* Nylon
* Imported
* High-security, soft-sided, durable wheeled luggage with anti-theft features; ideal for any travel scenario.
* Lightweight, hidden eXomesh Slashguard stainless steel wire mesh embedded into fabric helps protect against slash-and-run theft.
* Puncture-resistant ToughZip helps prevent against forced entry from a sharp object.
* High-performance wheels and protective kick plate; durable on rough terrain.
* 96-liter volume; strong aluminum monotube handle; kissable zippers slide together for easy locking.

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Pacsafe Toursafe AT29 Anti-Theft Suitcase

The Pacsafe Toursafe AT29 anti-theft wheeled luggage is soft-sided, semi-collapsible, and designed with built-in security features to help keep your belongings safe. With a book-style opening, the durable, lightweight Toursafe AT29 has a zippered main compartment with a drawstring compression system and a separate front pocket for organization.

The bag's fabric is embedded with eXomesh Slashguard, a lightweight flexible, stainless steel wire mesh that protects your gear from a quick slash-and-run theft. The ToughZip double-layered zippers help prevent opportunistic thieves from breaking into the bag with a sharp object, while the kissable zippers easily slide together to secure with a padlock.

Pacsafe keeps travelers one step ahead of the game by keeping their gear secure from opportunistic thieves.