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Zero Grid Electronics Travel Kit


* NO MORE TANGLES, SCRATCHES OR DAMAGE – Fully customizable for electronics and accessory organization. Neatly manage cords and gadgets in one secure place.
* CARRIES YOUR ENTIRE TECH ARSENAL – Perfect for chargers, converters, camera and iPhone accessories. Zippered pouch holds smaller memory cards, USB flash drives & More!
* THE LAST TRAVEL ORGANIZER YOU'LL EVER NEED – Functional & extremely durable. Made from a tear and liquid-resistant fabric. WILL NOT fray, rip or break.
* UPGRADED FOR TECH TRAVEL – Portable, compact, & ultra-lightweight. Easily fits into any laptop bag, backpack, suitcase, or luggage. 100% TSA approved and compliant.


Zero Grid Electronics Travel Organizer – Cord, Cable, and Accessories Case

The Zero Grid Travel Electronics Organizer is designed to keep track of all the cords, SD cards, chargers, and earbuds that our smartphones, laptops, and cameras need to keep running. Leaving a charger behind in your hotel room can introduce some unwelcome drama to an otherwise excellent trip.

Instead of tossing your cords into a pouch in your luggage or in your backpack, use our durable electronics organizer instead. It'll change the way you pack your bags by giving you a dedicated place to store all of those cords without tangling them together.

Whether you mostly travel for business or for pleasure, we want to make it easier for you to pack less and travel more.