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Ably Wicking T-Shirt – Women’s


* Filium Activated 100% Premium Cotton
* Imported
* Deep V-neck with a subtly rounded collar, straight hem, and simple relaxed cut for a flattering silhouette.
* Great travel clothes you can wear for days without laundering and smell just like you put it on that day due to our Filium activated fabric.
* Eco-friendly technology that makes any natural fabric repel liquid, stains and resist odor without sacrificing softness or breathability.



Ably Apparel Vanessa Short Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt

Never underestimate a well-made T-shirt. With its timeless style and all-day comfort, you’ll want to wear it every day. And since it’s Ably, you can. Made with 100% premium cotton and Filium-activated for a lightweight, breathable shirt you can wear all day, for days.

Filium makes ordinary fabrics extraordinary. Imagine a life where your favorite cotton, wool, silk, or linen clothes shrug off water, resist stains, and refuse to smell anything but fresh after weeks of wear.

There isn't a better travel shirt out there!