4 Tips to Help You Stick to Your Meal Plan on Vacation

Stick to Your Meal Plan While Traveling

It’s easy to go overboard on holiday. The temptation of so much delicious food and the knowledge that you may not have an opportunity to enjoy it again soon makes it difficult to resist over-ordering. But this, teamed with our ignorance of their calorie content, nutrients, and their potential to cause gastritis, makes eating out a risky business.

On holiday there’s no reason why you should have to completely put aside a diet that you follow for your health, your looks, or your energy levels. If your dietitian prescribes a diet high in protein and fiber to prevent you from losing muscle while exercising, leaving this behind will only make you feel lackluster and tired.

Besides, going back to the gym after the time off is said to be 3 times more difficult (if you skip a week it takes 3 to return to the same fitness level) and if you also spend a week away from nutrients this will only become harder.

1. Stick to Fish

Choosing a location right next to the sea will also make seafood highly available and fresh. Fish is a protein-packed, post-workout meal and is also low in fat, excellent for watching your waistline even if you don’t have time to exercise while away.

2. Pick the Right Hotel

A hotel with a pool and gym will motivate you to keep up your routine. Beware: those intent on losing weight by swimming in the pool will be disappointed at how few calories this burns. Unless you get there well before the pool fills up and get an hour of fast laps in, you’re unlikely to even earn a hamburger extra.

But for early risers that can get a full hour of laps in, a 130lb person at a normal speed may burn 413 calories, while someone weighing 205lb will use up to 605 calories.

3. Burn Calories Doing Watersports

If you hope to earn yourself a couple of cocktails with dinner or a dessert after lunch, there are resorts that run watersports directly from the hotel. On Isla de las Mujeres in Mexico, the majority of little hotels have small jetties and can provide you with snorkeling equipment. Beware of the fire coral that attaches to jetties that aren’t frequently used, though.

The good news is you needn’t do the extra ferry ride to explore the turquoise waters of this area, and you can avoid the little jellyfish that make up fire coral by staying at an all-inclusive resort like Finest Playa Mujeres.

4. Go All-Inclusive

If you maintain a plant-based diet for health reasons or watch your fat intake to keep your cholesterol down, an easy option for eating out while away on vacations can be an all-inclusive resort that is committed to offering healthy options. Always investigate this before you book!

Finest Playa Mujeres is one of few all-inclusive luxury resorts in Cancun that receives visitors of all ages. This particular resort also has an adult-only bar and restaurant if you want a romantic evening. All the services on site offer diverse menus, with options for those of us watching what we eat.

The reason I highlight this chain is because it doesn’t just offer one or two dishes for the calorie-conscious, it highlights its entire healthy offering at all its restaurants, that caters to gluten and lactose-free diets, as well as separate buffets for vegetarians.

The key takeaway from these tips is not to let your routine slide just because you’re away from home. Returning to your learned habits and nutrition plan will be easier if you maintain a similar routine. While on holiday, this simply requires a bit of foreplanning and continued self-control.

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  1. Amanda October 27, 2017 at 6:31 am #

    If you stay at small guesthouses/B&B’s you can let them know what you are able to eat and what you can’t. We have a 6 room B&B and we pride ourselves in taking great care of our guests. We can do such things as allow guests to cook a bit for themselves because we are so small. It’s the best way to travel because we can help our guests in any way they need. Maybe they need a warm robe, no problem. Maybe they want dinner in their room, no charge-no problem. It’s more like staying with a family.

    Good post. Lots to think about.

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