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Facing Your Fears: 7 Things to Do in Thailand That Will Push Your Limits

Facing Your Fears: 7 Things to Do in Thailand That Will Push Your Limits

Thailand has adventure at every bend. From rock climbing without ropes to scuba diving without a tank, there is no shortage of adventurous things to do in Thailand that will push you to your very limits. Ten years ago my mother offered to take me on a holiday to Australia. That’s a hell of an offer, […]

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30 Things to Do in 30 Countries Before You’re 30

30 Things to Do Before You're 30

I let my 30th birthday slip by pretty quietly. It’s been one hell of a journey thus far, and turning 30 seemed like the last thing I needed to be celebrating. After all, milestones aren’t measured in years—they’re measured by the journey. Coincidentally, my 30th year (which just passed on the 30th of last month!) took place […]

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Paragliding in Medellin, Colombia

Paragliding Selfie!

Deep into the hills which overlook the red-brick city of Medellin, we soared high above the sweeping green pastures and miniature hamlets of rural Colombia. Small pueblos, livestock, and serrated hills swirled beneath me. We had been climbing through the sky for more than 20 minutes when we began our descent. The farmhouses below were becoming larger and larger, until […]

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A Thrillseeker’s Adventure Guide to London

A Thrillseeker's Adventure Guide to London

You probably wouldn’t associate London with adventure. After all, it’s a majestic, historic city. Obviously, you haven’t been watching the James Bond films, in which we saw the secret agent powerboating on the River Thames before fighting James on top of the O2 Arena. If you look harder and deeper in London, you will see […]

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