Things I’ve Lost Along the Way

Innocence. Time. Love. No, I’m kidding! I’m talking about physical things of course. As a constant world traveler like myself it’s inevitable that you’re going to lose something here and there; whether that’s because of theft, breakage, or just plain carelessness, some items never made it to my next destination.

These possessions can be replaced easily enough, but that moment of panic when you realize something is missing is a feeling that I’ve been trying to avoid as I travel more and more. So here are the things I’ve hated losing over my adventures:


I’ve definitely become better at being careful with my money in recent years, but there were many instances when I first started traveling that I regret now. Other than notes left in jeans pockets when doing a wash (something people do even when not traveling), I once left quite a few coins and notes that I absentmindedly threw onto my hostel bed when I took a shower; came back 20 minutes later and they were all gone (although luckily I did put the expensive things in my locker).

I also had some notes taken out of my back pocket once. I was strolling through a busy market and felt someone bump into me, but I only noticed my money was gone about 20 minutes later – must have been a true professional thief! Wish I had known these tips to avoid pickpockets.


That awkward moment when…you go swimming with a watch you think is waterproof, and it turns out to be very un-waterproof. It wasn’t anything super expensive, but it was a beautiful watch and I didn’t even have it for a long time! This only happened a few months ago and I haven’t gotten around to picking up a new one yet. But rest assured the next watch will definitely, certainly, absolutely be waterproof! This article has made me consider picking up a vintage diving watch, because if I’m going to get a new watch, it might as well be something that can handle the elements.

"Watching" the time go by...

“Watching” the time go by…


I could recount so many times that I’ve lost or broken my sunglasses. As I’ve figured out that it’s best not to buy an incredibly expensive pair for the reasons above, I normally resort to low to medium priced sunglasses, but it’s still a major shame whenever another one bites the dust. Over the years, the following have happened regarding my sunglasses:

  • Crushed them in my back pocket when I sat down
  • Left them on a café table
  • Lent them to a girl in a hostel, who forgot to give them back
  • Lens fell off (not really my fault)


This one was hard to stomach. Obviously, a phone abroad is a little bit more important than a phone in your local country. Due to the fact that you’re on your own in a foreign place, a phone is a necessary lifeline for help, advice, or information, and when that’s gone, you feel more alone. To this day, I can’t remember exactly how I lost my phone, maybe I put it down and forgot it, maybe it was stolen, maybe it fell out of my pocket, who knows. Luckily, I was able to pick up a new one a few days later, but those days without a phone were not ones I’d like to repeat!

Favorite Band T-shirt

Sure, band T-shirts are everywhere, but this was a real old-school Rolling Stones shirt that I lost, not a new one made to look vintage. It was just plain black with the red tongue logo, but it had US tour dates from the 80s on the back, a unique shape and was super comfortable and worn-in. I simply left it behind in a hostel one day, when I was in a mad rush to get an early flight. So if you ever found that shirt, then lucky you!

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