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Hiking in the Mountains of Southwestern China

Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

When I first started traveling, I was at odds with myself. I would always ask myself the same question: “Is travel insurance really worth it? I mean, nothing is going to […]

It's In Your DNA: Why Americans Were Born To Travel

It’s In Your DNA: Why Americans Were Born To Travel

I open my DNA report—and blink. I’m a what? When 23andMe, the DNA testing people, offered to help me investigate my ancestral roots and find out where in the world […]

Road Tripping California's Pacific Coast Highway

Road Tripping California’s Pacific Coast Highway [PART 1]

The sun was just starting to set when I threw $3,000 into the sea. We reached China Rock Vista early evening, and as that golden California light started to fade […]

Rocking Maui Jim Koko Head's at the Golden Gate Bridge

Why Do People Travel? 7 Ways the World Will Change Your Perspective

The problem with traveling is that, once you stop, you’re a better, wiser person. I know—it sounds counterintuitive, but the fact is that you’ll have seen things that many people […]

The inside of a durian is WEIRD.

10 Crazy, Totally Weird, Exotic and Rare Fruits from Around the World

There are some pretty weird, exotic and rare fruits out there in the world. Sometimes you don’t even know a fruit is edible until someone shows you. Sometimes you can’t […]

Adventure Activities in Asheville, NC: Looking Glass Falls

Asheville, North Carolina: Outdoor Adventure Mecca of the United States

Fourteen years ago, when I was looking at colleges, a small school by the name of Warren Wilson caught my eye. With a student body of just 800 people, it […]

The Single Best Way to Learn a Foreign Language

The Single Best Way to Learn a Foreign Language

China was the hardest place I ever traveled to. I also consider my ten-month tenure in China to be one of the most rewarding of my life. Predictably, these two […]

RXBARs are a great way to eat healthy on the go.

3 Ways to Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Maintain Nutrition on the Go

A few years back, when I was backpacking Australia on a budget, I ate at least two packets of instant ramen noodles every day. Every. Single. Day. In fact, I […]

The Best Mirrorless Cameras for Travel Photography

The Best Mirrorless Cameras for Travel: Exceptional Options for Every Budget

Mirrorless cameras are becoming the new gold standard in digital photography, and especially in travel photography. Whether you’re a pro photographer, a budding amateur, or someone who’s hoping to capture […]

The mountainous savanna of Viñales

Can I Travel to Cuba? Here’s What You Need to Know If You’re American

The wheels of my plane lift off the ground, my stomach drops into my shoes, and through the window, I watch Los Angeles International Airport drop away. I’m off. My […]

Planes landing on Maho Beach is an adventure in itself!

A Beginner’s Guide to Adventure Travel in the Eastern Caribbean

I recently took a cruise through the Eastern Caribbean—and because I’m all about adventure, I chose a few high-octane offshore experiences to keep me busy. (Cruises aren’t just for relaxation, […]

The Science of Why (and How) Travel Makes You a Better Person

The Science of Why (and How) Travel Makes You a Better Person

Maybe you’ve seen all the feel-good aphorisms about how travel improves your life for the better. Maybe your own experiences confirm it. And maybe you’ve come home from a trip […]

Riding on the Mekong Delta

Experiences Are Better Than Things: How to Give the Gift of Travel

Do you remember the time you bought your first computer? No? OK – how about your phone? Still no? Isn’t it curious how the modern world is so obsessed with […]

What Happens When a World Traveler Goes Cruising?

As a world traveler and first-time cruiser, I had no idea what lay ahead of me. Cruises had long intrigued me and I thought they might be an interesting way […]

He Saved $34,000 in 10 Months by Working Abroad—Now He Travels the World as a Videographer

I first met Garrett Galvan almost three years ago, before he had started any part of this journey. He was brand new to the blogging/vlogging world and was looking for a […]

A pirate ship at St. Maarten

The Ultimate ‘Pick-Your-Own Adventure’ Vacation: 4 Ways to Do an Eastern Caribbean Cruise

I didn’t know what to expect from my first cruise experience. I knew this Eastern Caribbean cruise would draw different types of people from all over the country, but I […]