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The Best Bank Accounts for International Travelers from the US and UK

6 Bank Accounts That Are Revolutionizing the Way US and UK Residents Travel

Every traveler knows the pain of a depleting bank balance. We spend enough money just getting around the world—there’s no reason to spend even more on unnecessary bank fees. When […]

5 Ways You Can Travel the World and Stay in School at the Same Time

5 Ways You Can Stay in School and Travel the World at the Same Time

You don’t need to forgo your studies to see the world. There are a myriad of ways to do both if you use your time wisely.

12 Smart Ways Keep Your Stuff Safe When You Travel

12 Smart Ways Keep Your Stuff Safe When You Travel

Having your money or stuff stolen can put a damper on an otherwise life-changing travel experience. While you can’t always prevent the inevitable, there are plenty of ways you can […]

How to Search for Flights That Aren't Supposed to Be So Cheap

Find the Flights No One Else Will with These 7 Travel Hacks

Airlines want you to spend more money. You don't. Use these seven travel hacks to find cheap flights all over the world.

The No B.S. Guide to Becoming Location Independent

I built an online income and, seven years and 50 countries later, I’m still living life on the road. But I didn’t just decide to throw in the towel one […]

19 of the World's Worst Travel Scams (and How to Avoid Them)

Travel scams are common all over the world. From rigged taxi meters to blind robbery to fake cops, 19 travel bloggers share their worst travel scam stories—and how to avoid […]

Avoid Airport Hackers: What to Do and What Not to Do

From juice-jacking to WiFi hacking, airports are a danger zone for your personal information. We teamed up with Bitdefender to help you keep your identity and data safe.

How to Prepare for a Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip

How to Prepare for a Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip

California's Pacific Coast Highway is one of America's greatest and most iconic road trips. These eight tips will help prepare you for what lay ahead!

12 Countries With the World's Worst WiFi

12 Countries with the World's Sh*ttiest Internet (and How to Get Around It)

Have you ever had the internet die on you at a critical moment? I have—more times than I’d like to count. One such story involves Germany…and a girl. A girl […]

Hiking in the Mountains of Southwestern China

Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

When I first started traveling, I was at odds with myself. I would always ask myself the same question: “Is travel insurance really worth it? I mean, nothing is going to […]

The Single Best Way to Learn a Foreign Language

The Single Best Way to Learn a New Language

Is there really a *best* way to learn a new language? Turns out, there is.

RXBARs are a great way to eat healthy on the go.

3 Ways to Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Maintain Nutrition on the Go

Maintaining a balanced diet and staying healthy on the go doesn’t need to be difficult.


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