32 Gifts for Women Who Travel (That She’ll Actually Want)

31 Unique Travel Gifts for Her

As a guy, I know that finding travel gifts for her is no easy task. I grew up surrounded by women, and every year found myself with significantly less hair after the holiday season—the months leading up to December were spent pulling my hair out, trying to decide what gifts to get for the women in my life who travel.

Since I'm still no expert (besides, who wants to read a gift guide for women written by a man?), I reached out to one of my favorite ladies (aka my sister) who offered the low-down on some of the best gifts for women who travel. These are 32 hand-picked travel gifts for her that she will genuinely love—I promise.

1. Bucketfeet World Map Shoes

Let her show her love of travel on her feet! Bucketfeet collaborates with artists worldwide to design a constantly rotating set of limited edition shoes. An artist and backpacker collaborated to create this unique, global brand and this pair shows a true sense of wanderlust…reminding us of everything to explore and all the conversations to be had worldwide.


2. Kiehl’s Travel Set

Every woman who travels is well acquainted with the annoyance that is liquids. You need them on the plane, but you can’t take them in your carry-on. This means pouring a splash of everything you need into tiny little containers just for the journey. The Kiehl’s travel set is a guaranteed travel gift for her that'll make life a lot easier. All of the toiletries are already packaged in 100ml containers. Airport security will be a breeze from here on out.


3. Tile Style

Not to imply that she’s apt to lose things—but it’s every traveler’s worst fear. The Tile Style attaches to pretty much any item (keys…even a dog’s collar!) or the slim version slides into a wallet or passport. Integrated Bluetooth allows you to ring your Tile, locate the last place you had it, or god-forbid, track it down (completely anonymously!) when it passes within range of anyone else in the Tile community. It's handy on the road or at home.


4. Stitch Fix Gift Card

Give her a Stitch Fix gift card and her own personal shopper will cultivate a wardrobe just for her and with her input…so she can get exactly what she wants for her next trip. Stitch Fix’s personal stylists can outfit her for the beach, the mountains, a romantic getaway, and anything in between.


5. Luxe Cashmere Travel Set 

If she travels a lot then why not get her a travel gift that lets her do it both comfortably and in style? There is nothing worse than being stuck on a bus or plane for eight hours unable to get comfy. This cashmere travel set allows her to inject a bit of luxury into her travels and will keep her warm on her journey.


6. Hairstory Products


From the creator of Bumble and Bumble (trust me, she knows it, even if you don’t) comes a new line of hair products that don’t damage hair and work with her natural texture (whatever it may be), making it perfect for travel when she doesn’t have access to all sorts of styling tools.

Hairstory’s “New Wash” doesn’t suds, so it doesn’t damage her hair…which means she won’t need conditioner and she’ll have one less product in her bag.  Plus, devotees who join the New Wash refill club receive a refillable 20oz container and a refillable TSA-compliant travel bottle. Hairstory for the win.


7. Orvis Barbour Trevose Three-in-One Jacket

Orvis’ jackets are all perfect for braving the elements and exploring outdoors while still looking sleek and stylish. Their Barbour Trevose Three-in-One Jacket is especially great for the adventurer on your list.

Waterproof, washable, and breathable, this jacket has a zip-in liner that can be removed and worn on its own as a cute quilted jacket, or zipped into the shell for an extra layer of warmth. Perfect for the traveler who wants to pack compactly yet still have a few options depending on the weather.


8. JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Believe it or not, this cute little speaker is waterproof, shockproof, straps on to pretty much anything (it even fits perfectly in a cup holder or backpack water bottle holder), and lasts up to 12 hours—all while providing killer sound.


9. Ban.do Power Bank

Power banks are lifesavers for people who travel. That bus with free WiFi isn’t going to be much fun if your phone dies two hours into the journey. Help her stay fully charged at all times by treating her to a stylish power bank from Ban.do. It comes in a variety of designs and can charge multiple devices at once, so there's no need to choose between one device or another.


10. Le Pliage Longchamp Travel Bag

Treat her to a classic! The travel version of every gal’s favorite Longchamp bag is the perfect size carry-on bag…plus it folds up so that she can stash it in her luggage in case of extra purchases that need to be carried home 😉 Or, to really treat her, go for the expanding duffel version with shoulder strap.


11. Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite can easily slide into a purse or even a back pocket. Super-lightweight so she can take dozens (or hundreds!) of books on any trip. Plus, the ability to easily export notes and highlights to email means she can discretely bring her guidebook along without looking like a tourist. Don’t forget to accessorize it with a cute cover too 😉


12. Cambiami Interchangeable Sandals

If you manage to get this right then you’ll win big points. Cambiami offers a design your own sandal service so you can create the perfect travel gift for her. Choose from four possible soles and then pick your strap. This is a bit of a test for how well you know her but if you can pull it off you’ll be forever in her good books. Even better than that, because they are custom made, no-one else will have a pair like it.


13. Therapeutic Infrared Scarf

Made of special ceramic fibers originally developed for use on competitive sport horses, this lightweight scarf is not only attractive, but will ease the stiff neck that comes will falling asleep on planes, trains, and buses, not to mention less-than-stellar hotel beds. It also offers superior warmth by reflecting the body’s own heat—improving circulation and creating soothing, infrared warmth.


14. Venque CamPro Bag

The perfect mix of urban style and practicality, Venque’s camera bag is the ultimate convertible backpack that can be used as is or as a camera bag. With three different ways to set it up, this is one of her travel gifts that's is sure to become her go-to for everything from a weekend getaway to an urban hike.


15. Soup for Syria Cookbook

For the chef with a conscience. Soup for Syria is a collaborative effort from a handful of eponymous chefs, including the likes of Yotam Ottolenghi, Sami Tamimi, Anthony Bourdain, and more. The delicious soup recipes contained within are paired up with gorgeous illustrations, but, that’s not why you buy this book. You buy it because the profits from the book go directly towards the UN’s food relief efforts in Syria (plus, of course, she'll love the soup).


16. Mark & Graham Monogrammed Leather Charger Roll Up

There is nothing worse than your plethora of charging cables tangling themselves into chaos. This stylish charger roll up eliminates that problem. Never again will she have to extract her headphones from her kindle wire. She also won’t need to worry about her cables getting damaged in her bag while on the road. The cherry on top of this leather delight? This travel gift for her is even better with initials monogrammed on it!


17. Birchbox Subscription

For the beauty-products junkie on your list, a monthly Birchbox subscription will give her plenty of fun new products to try, all in handy-dandy travel-sized containers for wherever is next on her list!


18. Ringly Smart Jewelry

It’s about time women had a way to track their exercise without having to don some unsightly step counter on their wrist. The Fitbit tried to make trackers more stylish and now Ringly has taken it a step further. Ringly has incorporated fitness trackers into beautiful jewelry that people actually want to wear. Goodbye ugly, clunky tracker, this is one of the travel gifts for her that isn't going back to the store.


19. Belkin Lightning Cable Tassel

She’ll never have to hunt for her charger again or wish she hadn’t checked it in her luggage, with this decorative tassel clipped to her purse and ready to go at the next charging station she comes across.


20. Athleta Lauren Beanie

Cute and fashionable for all her winter travels…or just wearing around town! You really can’t go wrong with this one.


21. Lolo Cosmetic Bag

Durable, stands upright, and available in a plethora of fun patterns and colors, she won’t be able to help but smile every time she unpacks this travel case! For a little something extra, get a coordinating luggage tag!


22. MoMa Ostrich Travel Pillow

People with travel pillows on planes are always the envy of every other passenger. Why not let her be that person? A travel pillow is a simple yet invaluable invention that allows you to snooze while you travel and not wake up permanently crippled in the neck. It might not seem like much but it will revolutionize how she travels.


23. Sugarfina Carry On Cocktail Kit

Where better to concoct a bespoke cocktail than 30,000 ft in the air? These little pouches of boozy goodness allow her to whip up two cocktails wherever she is. One for her and one for you. Or both for her. All she needs is a glass and the requisite alcohol.


24. Quip Toothbrush

A toothbrush might be an odd travel gift for her but oral hygiene is important and hard to maintain on the road. The last thing you want on the road is a cavity. The Quip toothbrush has been expertly designed with the right sized bristles and perfect level of vibration to make your teeth gleam. The charger is slim-line, the toothbrush is equipped with a timer and you can get a fresh head delivered every three months. In brief, she will thank you for this.


25. Betabrand Silver-Shield Sweater

There’s something about airplane (or bus or train or…well any) travel that always makes you feel grimy and covered in germs. Silver is one of nature’s best antimicrobials, and Betabrand’s silver-shield sweater is made with silver-infused antimicrobial fibers to create a natural barrier from germs, meaning she’ll wear this sweater over and over again on her travels.


26. Tweezerman Rose Gold Gift Set

Show your love for her with rose gold! Tweezerman’s famous slant tweezers are a traveling gal’s best friend (seriously, any gal knows that Tweezerman’s tools can’t be beat), and this travel set will fit her essentials…all in the season’s loveliest color.


27. GoPro Hero 6 Black

What traveler wouldn’t LOVE a GoPro?? Their latest release is hands-free voice-controlled, wearable, waterproof, and simple to operate. A simply perfect travel gift for her if she has an adventurous spirit or is a clumsy gal.


28. Clearly Filtered Water Bottle

The Clearly Filtered water bottle sips like a Camelbak and contains no BPA or other icky chemicals, plus it filters out lead, heavy metals, and any foul taste. A great travel gift for her to avoid drinking funky hotel water on her travels.


29. Phaidon: Where to Eat Pizza

Phaidon, known for its selection of authentic, international cookbooks has put together a compilation of over 1,700 places for amazing pizza worldwide for the true pizza-aficionado. Or, if she’s more of a gourmand, opt for Where Chefs Eat—truly the ultimate restaurant guide with recommendations in over 70 countries.


30. Trish McEvoy Makeup Planner

A great travel gift for her, the over-packer with way too many products – Trish McEvoy’s makeup planner will keep her organized and keep everything compact. Individual “wardrobing” pages that she can customize with her favorite products snap into this luxurious, petite planner and eliminates the need for lots of individual cases for each of her favorite products.


31. Le Labo Discovery Scent Set

Le Labo Discovery Set

Luxury scent and cosmetics brand Le Labo has the perfect compilation of all their fragrances in perfectly-sized tester bottles so that she can toss one or two into her cosmetic bag when she travels, rather than trying to get a whole bottle of perfume through security. And with such yummy scents as these, you’ll want to snuggle up close when she wears them.


32. 08left: Custom Art

For every traveler, there are some special places that stay with us forever. Give her custom art or a set of all her favorite cities to keep those memories and travels alive every day.


Heather FosterHeather Foster (my sister) is a health-policy wonk and foodie living in Washington, D.C. but escaping to all corners of the globe whenever she gets a spare moment. You can thank her, not me, for these brilliant ideas!

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Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission on any purchases. That being said, I never promote a product I don't fully believe in.

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    Don’t bash the diva cup! That thing is life-changing.

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    This is a great list! I actually have that tempurpedic pillow and its the greatest thing I’ve ever purchased so I can totally vouch for that one!

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    I have a couple of the Longchamp bags and they’re so handy!

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    Awesome travel gifts! I love the waterproof GoPro camera, and that Pizza book is amazing! Haha.

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    Thanks for so many examples! I am not good at come up with gift’s ideas. I always look something in the Internet and I think it’s the best because almost every time I find some nice examples. Last time I found a website kingdom of universe where I bought a real star. After a few days I got a nice document file. My girfriend was delighted, she didn’t expect I can be so romantic 😀

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    I gifted my girlfriend a Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software as she never ever used to bother for a good backup routine. Trust me she couldn’t thank me more for this!!!!

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    A great gift for her that I gave my sister was the MightyPurse wristlet! It’s a leather wristlet that charges your Smartphone up to two times completely before needing to recharge it! My sister LOVED it! She is always traveling for work and she takes it on the plane with her every trip she goes on!! It’s the perfect gift for any female!!

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    I think every women gonna love all these stuff no matter she is a traveler or a normal person. Thanks for sharing this post. I would like to gift some of them to my friend though she is not a traveler.

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    Hi.. Great article. Really unique and useful ideas. I would love to add wireless earbuds to this list for travelers who love music. Using one (Pulse from Rowkin) and just loving it.

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