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Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

Hiking in the Mountains of Southwestern China

When I first started traveling, I was at odds with myself. I would always ask myself the same question: “Is travel insurance really worth it? I mean, nothing is going to happen, right?” It’s especially hard because when you’ve just spent so much money on your travels themselves, it almost feels like a waste to part […]

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Everything I Did Wrong on My First Cruise (and Even a Couple Things I Did Right)

El Capitan!

Getting practical cruise advice is tough—it’s hard to know what to expect from a cruise unless you’ve already been on one. These first time cruise tips are everything you need to know about what to do and, most importantly, what not to do on your first cruise. Trust me—I’m an expert in making mistakes.

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How to See the World, Save Money as You Go, and Never Stop Traveling

Work and Travel: See the World, Save Money, and Never Stop Traveling

In 2010, with very little forethought or planning, I quit my “real” job and decided to go travel the world. It’s a story that’s been told thousands of times before—by now, it’s almost a cliche. Go ahead, tell it to me straight: I’m a walking cliche. All I wanted was to see more of the […]

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How to Legally Reduce Your Taxes to ZERO as an American Expat

How to Legally Reduce Your Taxes to ZERO as an American Expat

For those Americans who spend a large majority of the time out of the country—traveling, working or both—taxes can become a real issue. If you’re spending a good portion of the year outside of the Continental U.S., there are a few tricks you can use to reduce your tax liability down to NOTHING. Olivier Wagner […]

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