5 Reasons You Might Need Expedited US Passport Renewal

expedited passport renewal

Obtaining a passport can be a difficult, especially if your trip is coming up quickly. The same can be said for US passport renewal—but why? You’ve filled out the application before; you’re just reiterating the same information. So shouldn’t it be easy?

There are so many reasons why expedited passport renewal can come in handy. As you plan your next adventure, renew your passport quickly and effortlessly so you can avoid any travel nightmares.

1. It's So Much Quicker

Waiting on a passport can become tiring. Routine passport renewal takes anywhere between four and six weeks. But expedited renewal services can make it so your passport is valid in no time at all.

Typically, rush or express services can renew your passport in a week or two. But some companies even offer emergency services that will have your passport ready once more in as little as one business day—as long as your passport has been expired for less than five years.

2. Expedited US Passport Renewal is Easy!

Rather than doing all the legwork yourself, US passport renewal services will gather all the information you need and work as a passport expediter on your behalf.

This can eliminate all of the stress—instead of worrying about whether or not you filed the forms and paid the fees, you’ll have a third party to make sure everything runs smoothly so you can travel when you’re scheduled to.

3. Your Name is Changing

When it comes to name changes, it’s hard to keep track of everything that must be updated. Because this often occurs due to marriage, an expedited US passport renewal may be an important component for an upcoming honeymoon.

If you plan to travel internationally around the time you change your name, expedited services for passport renewal in every state can streamline the renewal process and ensure that you have everything you need to take to the skies as a newlywed.

4. You Just Need to Upgrade

The United States issues passport cards that are ideal for land borders and seaports. These are only legal when traveling to the U.S. from Mexico or Canada. So while they make great options for local road trips or weekend cruises, they’re not valid for air travel or trips beyond North America.

Those who already hold the passport card may want to upgrade to the standard passport book, especially if there are plans for international air travel. One easy way to upgrade is via expedited US passport renewal services.

Rather than rely on the standard process and its unreasonable wait times, expedited services ensure you can travel anywhere you’d like without restriction.

5. Your Passport Has Been Lost or Stolen

When you’re traveling overseas and you lose your passport, you can always contact the local US consulate. But another option is to renew your passport, ensuring that you can make your flight home.

Because some expedited services can get your new passport processed in simply a few business days, it might be necessary to go this route and obtain a new passport before attempting to return to U.S. soil.

We want to know—have you ever used an expedited passport service?

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